What is AshleyHub?
AshleyHub is a unique multifunctional platform that is the simple answer to your promotional needs. Search for event assets and promotional content such as television and radio commercials, in-store signage and social media content. You can also search an extensive in-store video catalog for product or lifestyle videos.
How much does AshleyHub cost?
All AshleyHub video production and assets are free to use.
When would AshleyHub not be free?
If an order does not follow the template on the TV/ Radio order form, or if there are more than 10 stations on an order, cost will be factored in. If an order requires more customization than is manageable on AshleyHub the project will be handled as a complete custom. Also, station delivery up to 10 stations is free, but every extra station passed 10 will be a standard $25 per station.
How much is a complete custom spot?
Please contact our Client Services Manager, Sarah VerStrat at sarahv@viaproductions.com for more information.
How do I set up an AshleyHub account?
Click the Register button and fill out the registration form. You must agree to the terms and conditions, and then hit submit.
I just registered, now what?
Your registration submission will be reviewed by our Client Services Manager, and you will be notified when your account has been authorized.
Help! I forgot my password.
Click the Forgot Password button and enter your email or username. Hit the submit button and a password reset link will be sent to you. If you require extra assistance or you did not receive the password reset link, please contact our Client Services Manager at sarahv@viaproductions.com
What resources are available to learn more about AshleyHub and Events?
Every Monday at 11amEST/8amPST there will be an AshleyHub walkthrough hosted by VIA Productions. You can also request another time/date if Mondays do not work. There is also a monthly Newsletter sent out by VIA Productions with updates on events and asset availability. Please email Sarah VerStrat at sarahv@viaproductions.com for more information and to get added to the Newsletter.
How do I navigate AshleyHub?
There are two main ways to navigate AshleyHub. If you know exactly what you are looking for, simply use the search bar. If you are unsure, and just wanting to browse, you can use the tabs located on the AshleyHub Homepage.
What’s the difference between Calendar Events and Special Events?
Calendar Events are the events that follow along with Ashley Corporate calendar. Special Events are events that can run outside the standard calendar, such as Grand Openings.
How do I filter my event results?
In order to sort your event results, use the tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. Hitting the plus button next to the main tags will expand even more options. You are able to narrow down your results based on the criteria you are looking for. Simply select the boxes that apply to the asset you are looking for, and once all of the appropriate boxes have been checked you will be left with the final results.
How do I order a TV spot?
Once you have found the commercial you are interested in select it. You will then be directed to an order form where you have a few options. You can opt to order the spot As-Is, which means you do not wish to make any changes; or you can choose to edit the commercial, which gives you the ability to change the pricing, promotion, finance offer, disclaimer, end tag and in most cases the product. You can also choose to just edit the end tag, which means the spot will not change, except for on the end tag, where you can enter text and voiceover (VO). From there you will enter the flight dates for your spot to air and enter in the stations you would like the spot delivered to. After you have reviewed your order thoroughly hit Submit Order.
How do I change a product?
The AshleyHub production team can only swap video for video. If you wish to change the product in the AshleyHub spot that features products in live footage, you will need to check with our AshleyHub Account Manager, Allen Phelps at allen@viaproductions.com to see if we have footage of your preferred product. If we do not, we will have to complete the order off of AshleyHub and will be charged custom pricing. If the AshleyHub spot features products using still images, you need only to delete the text in the product text field and fill in the product you wish to use.
What does "Draft" mean?
When a spot is in "Draft" status, it means that the spot has not been approved, and is subject to change. In most cases the alterations are minor, but they can also be significant, such as a product change. These "Draft" spots are mainly to give you a good idea of what the final product will look like, but you are more than welcome to order them.
How do I order a radio spot?
Once you have selected the radio spot you are interested in you will be directed to an order form. You can choose to leave the radio spot as is or make edits to it. From there you will select the flight dates for the spot to air, along with the station and a contact for that station. Once radio spots have been approved you will receive a link to the final project to send to your station(s).
I want to be able to post my spot to social media. How do I do that?
When you are in your TV order form, there is a box that says, “Social Media Download Link,” check it. When your spot has been approved you will be sent a social media link for your spot.
Can I get my commercial to play in my store?
Yes! When you are in the TV order form, there is a box that says, “Add to PlayNetwork,” check that box. Once your order has been approved it will be delivered to The PlayNetwork. You are required to have an account with The PlayNetwork prior to selecting this option.
I don't have an account with The PlayNetwork, how do I get one?
Please contact sarahv@viaproductions.com for more information.
What happens after my order is submitted?
Once you have submitted your order, it goes to our AshleyHub Account Manager, who edits your script and sends it to get voiced over. From there your commercial gets sent to our editor who puts it all together. Once the spot looks perfect we will post it back to AshleyHub and send you a notification that your order is ready for approval. When you have reviewed your order, you can choose to reject the spot or approve it. Approved spots will go onto delivery, but if you reject a spot, you must indicate why. Once the rejection has been submitted we will get to work on a revised proof. We will do this until you 100% satisfied with the final product!
How long will it take for my order to be ready for approval?
For edited spots we ask for 5 full business days for order turnaround from the day the order was placed, especially for high volume events. For As-Is orders or End Tag Edits, those will take 1-2 full business days.
How do I check on the status of my order?
To check on the status of your order hit the Dashboard button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen on the AshleyHub homepage. You can find your order history, as well as, the status of pending orders.
Can I deliver my own spots?
No. Per an agreement with Ashley Corporate VIA Productions must handle the production and delivery of all spots that have been ordered through AshleyHub. Any breach of this agreement can and will result in revoked access to AshleyHub.
Once I get my spots, can I perform my own edits on them?
No. Per our agreement with Ashley Corporate VIA Productions is to handle all production and delivery of Ashley HomeStore commercials. Any breach of this agreement can and will result in revoked access to AshleyHub.
How do I get the ISCIs for my spots?
ISCIs are automatically created once your order has been placed. Your ISCIs will appear next to your order on the Dashboard page.
How do the assets work?
There are print and digital assets for calendar events, special events, generic store needs, and logos. You can use the filters on the left-hand side of your screen to narrow down your search until you have found the asset you are looking for. You have a few choices of what to do with these assets. You can either download a High Rez version, a Web version (Low Rez), or you have the ability to download the asset Package.
How do I preview an asset without downloading it?
Hit the “View” button and you will see the image.
Where can I find generic print assets, like configuration sheets and product tags?
Those, and all other generic print needs, can be found in the Evergreen Tags and Signage tab.
What happens when I download the package of an asset?
When you download an asset package, you have access to the asset project files. You are able to alter the asset and export in any spec you may need.
I’m not seeing an asset I’m looking for. Who do I contact?
Please contact sarahv@viaproductions.com with the missing asset.
What is the In-Store Video and Music tab?
The In-Store Video and Music tab gives you access to a large catalog of in-store videos and music playlists. Browse lifestyle and product videos, as well as, music playlists. Select a video, your store location and add any special notes. From there, hit save and send and your order will be submitted to The PlayNetwork. Repeat this process for all other videos you are interested in having played in your store.
Is the PlayNetwork Free?
Yes. But you do need an account with The PlayNetwork to have your videos sent to your store location(s).
How do I set up an account with The PlayNetwork?
If you do not have an account, please contact Sarah VerStrat at sarahv@viaproductions.com for more information.
How do I sort the videos?
On The PlayNetwork page, you can sort by the video category or by keyword. When you search by category there will be a dropdown list of the different types of videos. Select the one you are interested in and your results will filter down.
I’m not seeing my stores location. Who do I contact?
Please contact Sarah VerStrat at sarahv@viaproductions.com with the Licensee name, and the store location/address that needs to be added.
What is the download option on The PlayNetwork page for?
These are low-resolution video downloads for use on your social media/digital platforms.
When I preview the music playlists, it says the playlist is only a couple minutes long, is that how long the playlist is?
No. That is only a preview of the songs in the playlist. Once you order the actual playlist those songs will play at full length.
What if I want to do something different than what AshleyHub is providing?
VIA Productions, the production vendor on AshleyHub, also specializes in the creation of custom work for Ashley Licensees. We are still able to use Corporate approved assets for these custom events so that you can stay on brand without breaking the bank! For more information on custom work, please contact Sarah VerStrat at sarahv@viaproductions.com